California mission assembles world’s longest line of socks

A California charity collected about 80,000 socks for the homeless and broke a Guinness World Record for the longest line of socks.

The Fresno Mission said volunteers and staff aimed to create a line of socks stretching at least 7 miles.

“We looked around, like, ‘Hey, we’re lacking certain things and one of them was socks, which is really a tool for us so, we said, ‘Hey what if we did a sock drive? And hey what if we did something really cool and break the world record?'” Fresno Mission CEO Matthew Dildine told KFSN-TV.

The mission collected socks for about six months before putting the estimated 80,000 socks onto a clothes line that ended up covering a total distance of 7.39 miles.

The current record listed by Guinness is 3.77 miles, and was assembled in Halverde, Germany, in 2014.

The socks will now be distributed to the homeless by the Fresno Mission and various partner organizations.

“I’m more excited to get on the streets next week and start handing the socks out or be in the cafeteria and handing the socks out,” Dildine said.