Massive ‘Megaspider’ donated to Australian zoo

An Australian zoo said zookeepers were shocked when an anonymous donation turned out to be a massive funnel-web spider dubbed “Megaspider” by the facility.

The Australian Reptile Park said someone in the Sydney or New South Wales coastal area anonymously donated a spider in a small plastic food container, and keepers were taken aback to discover the arachnid inside it was a funnel-web spider with a body that measured 1.9 inches long.

The park said the spider, which bears fangs about .8 inch long, is the largest funnel-web spider anyone working at the facility ever encountered.

The park said in a Facebook post that officials hope the person who donated the spider will come forward and tell where they found the gargantuan specimen.

The Megaspider will be milked for venom that can be turned into antivenom, the park said. Funnel-web spiders are known for their highly toxic and fast-acting venom.